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Welcome to the Mitchell & Associates!


This page has everything you need to get started as a member of M&A talent. Please follow the links below to get help with your headshot/resume, join casting platforms, fill out forms, pay the website admin fee and connect to M&A on social media. We are so excited to have you on board!

Forms & Fees

For All Actors
NM Actors Only

Casting Platforms

For All Actors
For Los Angeles Actors

Resume Resources

For Creating an Acting Resume
For Resume & Headshot

Resume Guidelines

  • Using the downloadable resume template as a guide, list all your relevant experience (paid and unpaid) including background, extra and stand-in work, training and special skills.

  • Your resume should be only one page.

  • List your newest projects first, remove outdated or irrelevant material.

  • Make headings for Film, New Media, Television, Commercials, Print, and Theater. Also list your Training and Special Skills.

  • Under each heading, put your listings in three columns (from left to right):

  • Production Name Role (Rank) Production Company/Director

  • Formats for Cover Letters, Recommendations, & Resumes:

  • Only MS Word documents ( doc or docx ) or Adobe PDF files will accepted.

Headshot Guidelines

  • ​​Well lit & well composed color photographs.

  • Large and clear enough that your features and appearance can assessed.The images must look like you. ( The Agency does not want the casting director(s) to say, ‘You don’t look like the headshots that were submitted!’ )

  • Please have someone else take the photos of you for submission.

  • At least 150 pixels per inch, and less than 3 megabytes.

  • JPG or PDF formats are acceptable for initial submission.

  • No snapshots, candids, cell phone photos, school portraits, or mugshots. Please do not submit self portraits, “duck-face”, images taken in a mirror, etc.

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