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There are two online profiles that you must create in order for us to submit you for roles and/or upload taped auditions.

Actors Access is the Breakdown Services data base of actors that agents use to submit to casting directors. Breakdown Services is recognized by the Casting Society of America (CSA) as a preferred online resource .As the primary distributor of casting breakdowns, it is used by CSA Casting Directors throughout North America.

Click on "Register Now for Free" to set up your profile. 

There are several tabs to follow to set up your profile, including Main Profile, Resume, Size Card, Photos, Media. Make sure to complete all these tabs.

Once you have created your profile, or if you already have an Actors Access profile, go under "Manage Representation" and add Mitchell & Associates to your representation for Theatrical Representation. Be sure to select either Albuquerque or Los Angeles as the city. If you are being represented in both markets, you will have to do this twice, once for each city.

Cast It Talent is the only breakdown and submission service that is seamlessly integrated with most casting offices and studios use to view lists, auditions and sessions online. By submitting your taped auditions through Cast It Talent you ensure your materials are always in the correct format and easily accessible to the casting office.

Create your profile and have your account connected automatically to Mitchell & Associates for representation.

You can easily upload clips, reels, headshots and a PDF of your resume. 

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