Mitchell & Associates Talent Group has held an excellent reputation in the Southwest for over two decades and has expanded to the Los Angeles market. This distinction has been supported by high standards and an exclusivity that comes from the careful selection of the actors we represent.

We take each submission for representation to the Agency very seriously. In order to be accepted into the ranks of Mitchell & Associates Talent Group actors, there is a certain level of achievement and preparedness that needs to take place. We are looking for actors who are dedicated to their craft, which shows in the quality of their submission.

Our expectation is that your submission will show on-set acting experience, whether is it is in film, television, new media, voiceovers, theater, or even in an acting class. If you do not have any of this experience, we suggest that you look into acting classes, independent film projects, and theater productions to gain a beginner’s level of experience.

We do not represent children under the age of five years.



Please select the market(s) that you are willing to work as a local hire. We will not consider representation in Los Angeles if you are represented by another agency in New Mexico.

Tell Us About Yourself
Fill in this field to tell us about yourself with an objective statement of intent, declaring your interests, aspirations and goals for your professional career.


Please submit a headshot or photo that shows your current appearance. Do not get new headshots for this submission. If represented, we will discuss whether new headshots will be required.

Letters of Recommendation
Please provide two letters of recommendation that speak to your talent and experience levels, as well as your professionalism and on-set or stage etiquette. These letters can be from directors, casting directors, or current Mitchell & Associates clients.

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