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Mitchell & Associates Talent is an award winning top tier agency with offices in New Mexico, Los Angeles

and the Southeast Region.

With almost 3 decades as a leading agency, Mitchell & Associates is recognized as one of the oldest and most reputable in Hollywood.

We take pride in our legacy of excellence.

With clients on every major television network, Disney, Nickelodeon, Star Wars, Breaking Bad, Days of Our Lives, Stranger Things and every streaming platform — and recently named as one of

"Hollywood's Top 7 Agencies" by, 

Mitchell & Associates is a massive force in the Industry! 

As a SAG-AFTRA Franchised Agency, we represent a remarkable roster of SAG-AFTRA Members, SAG-AFTRA Eligible, and Non-Union Actors nationwide.

From local commercials and independent projects to big studio feature films, television to voiceover work, we submit our talented actors for auditions daily, leveraging our extensive network of connections worldwide.

Our unwavering dedication to our clients' success sets us apart. 

At Mitchell & Associates Talent, we take pride in being a top tier agency while maintaining a family-like boutique approach.

Experience the difference as we nurture your talent and propel your career to new heights.


A SAG-AFTRA Franchised Agency

New Mexico & California

505.262.9733 New Mexico

​818.856.0355 California

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