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Helpful Information & Tools for Your Acting Career


This page is full of helpful guidelines and tools to help M&A clients on their acting journey. Below you will find links to casting platforms, guidelines for headshots, resumes templates, commission info and links to M&A on social media.

M&A Social Media

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  • LinkedIn

Websites for Actors

Resume Guidelines

  • Using the downloadable resume template as a guide, list all your relevant experience (paid and unpaid) including background, extra and stand-in work, training and special skills.

  • Your resume should be only one page.

  • List your newest projects first, remove outdated or irrelevant material.

  • Make headings for Film, New Media, Television, Commercials, Print, and Theater. Also list your Training and Special Skills.

  • Under each heading, put your listings in three columns (from left to right):

  • Production Name Role (Rank) Production Company/Director

  • Formats for Cover Letters, Recommendations, & Resumes:

  • Only MS Word documents ( doc or docx ) or Adobe PDF files will accepted.

Headshot Guidelines

  • ​​Well lit & well composed color photographs.

  • Large and clear enough that your features and appearance can assessed.The images must look like you. ( The Agency does not want the casting director(s) to say, ‘You don’t look like the headshots that were submitted!’ )

  • Please have someone else take the photos of you for submission.

  • At least 150 pixels per inch, and less than 3 megabytes.

  • JPG or PDF formats are acceptable for initial submission.

  • No snapshots, candids, cell phone photos, school portraits, or mugshots. Please do not submit self portraits, “duck-face”, images taken in a mirror, etc.

Commissions to the Agency

All agency commissions on bookings and/or residuals are bound
by SAG-AFTRA rules and regulations. 
Here are the SAG-AFTRA guidelines for paying an agent's commission:

If actors are paid directly from production for a booking and/or for residuals, it is the actor's responsibility to pay the commission to the agent, unless otherwise directed by the agent (in some rare instances, the agency fee is paid directly to the agent).
If actors are paid from the agency, the agency fee has been taken out and the actor is not responsible for paying the agency fee.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your SAG-AFTRA Professional Representatives Department at 323.549.6745 (LA) or 212.863.4205 (NY) for additional information.

If you need to make a payment to the agency,
here are your options:

Send a check (made out to Mitchell & Associates Talent)
and a copy of the paystub to the office at the following address:

Mitchell & Associates Talent
2415 Princeton Dr. NE G10

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107


Make an electronic payment through PayPal or Venmo:


Please send a scanned copy of paystub(s) via email to for bookkeeping purposes.


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