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Mitchell & Associates Talent is an award winning SAG-AFTRA Franchised Agency, representing hundreds of the highest-quality actors, including SAG-AFTRA, SAG-AFTRA Eligible, and Non Union talent.

With nearly 3 decades as a leading agency, Mitchell & Associates is recognized as one of the oldest and most reputable in Hollywood. Operating from offices in New Mexico, Los Angeles and the Southeast Region, we take pride in our legacy of excellence.

The primary focus of Mitchell & Associates Talent is to develop, showcase, promote and book top-quality talent for film, television, voiceover and new media in local and national markets.

Talent Agent (Noun):

  1. A person or corporation who engages in the occupation of procuring, offering, promising, or attempting to procure employment for talent; who works with casting directors, producers and directors in the occupation of submitting and negotiating talent for the specific projects.

Meet The Team!


Owner // Agent  —  New Mexico 

(and Babu Frik the Dog)

With nearly two decades of experience as a SAG-AFTRA Talent Agent and Owner at Mitchell & Associates Talent, Carissa Mitchell has demonstrated unwavering dedication and expertise in guiding the careers of aspiring actors and actresses. With clients on every major television network, Disney, Nickelodeon, Star Wars, Breaking Bad, Days of Our Lives, Stranger Things and every streaming platform, Carissa is a massive force in Hollywood! Before embarking on her career as a talent agent, Carissa honed her artistic prowess as a professional graphic designer, art director, and special events coordinator for nearly two decades. Her diverse background has provided her with a unique perspective that blends creativity, business acumen, and a deep understanding of the entertainment landscape.

Carissa's exceptional achievements have not gone unnoticed—she was honored to be named as one of Hollywood's Top 7 Talent Agents by, a testament to her outstanding contributions and impact on the entertainment industry.




Los Angeles 


Southeast Region 

Christi Webb has been working professionally in the entertainment industry for over two decades.
Before joining the Mitchell & Associates Talent Family almost ten years ago, Christi worked as a world renowned Casting Director in Los Angeles. 

Daniel Michaels is the newest member of the Mitchell & Associates team, joining as the Southeast Market Assistant in 2021. He is a music enthusiast and foodie fanatic. 
Dan was raised in Madison, Wisconsin and studied Music Recording at Middle Tennessee University. He has been a resident of Nashville, Tennessee for over 30 years. Dan's passion for the entertainment industry is reflected in his unwavering commitment to the talented actors he represents.


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