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My first blog!

Hello! So many good things are happening with Mitchell & Associates Talent, I wanted to send you some updates and information about the new website and lots of other stuff! The new website is LIVE! We are updating the website every week. Go to Click on "Client Page" (If you need the password contact me) There you'll find all sorts of good stuff: logos and resume template, payment options, agency commission guidelines, and much more! Your headshot on the website comes from your Default photo on Actor's Access. We will be updating the links on a weekly basis. Get ready for the BUSY! Productions will be filming here like crazy in 2017, the studios are at capacity! It's a perfect time to update your resume and your Actors Access, NowCasting, & Cast It Talent accounts, and get headshots and resumes printed, trimmed and stapled so you'll be ready for upcoming auditions! Communication is KEY! For 2017 I have renewed my dedication to having good lines of communication with you. I will be sending out more emails and messages through Actors Access, so please make sure that your email address on that site is correct and updated. I also regularly send out messages through our private Facebook Groups for New Mexico and Los Angeles. If you aren't in the Group[s], make sure to request that you be added. On the Client Page of the website, there is a link for a Client Information Form. If you haven't already, please take the time to fill out all of your contact information so we can best reach you! First Wednesdays in Albuquerque! We are having ongoing agency-wide meetings on the First Wednesday of every month from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at The Box Performance Space Theatre at 100 Gold Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102. We discuss the state of acting, have fantastic guest speakers, network, and have delicious snacks (and hugs). We are trying to create Community instead of Competition. We will also hold these meetings in Los Angeles, Denver, and Santa Fe. Look on the Facebook Group pages for info! Agency Commissions! We have many outstanding agency fees that haven't been paid yet. Remember, if you get paid directly, the agency has not been paid, it's the actors' responsibility. Don't wait until we track you down! If you're in doubt, please let me know via email or text. Check out the link on what is commissionable for bookings and residuals from SAG-AFTRA. There is a whole page on this that you can access from the Client Page on the website. Let's have a wonderful 2017, much love to you ALL!

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